7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Flights

7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Flights

As much as possible we always want to get the cheapest yet the best deals when buying a flight. During travel, flights are the most expensive part of the journey, especially when traveling abroad. Gone are the days when you overspend on flights. Here are some easy ways to search the cheapest flights to save money during travel.

Do it yourself Planning

Do you want to save money for the whole trip? Instead of hiring a travel agent, you may consider planning everything yourself. DIY means Do-it-yourself, this may be a lot of work but surely you can save money on accommodation, flights, and tours.

Do your research

The first deal you encounter may not always be the actual price. Sometimes tax and other fees are not revealed in the initial price of the ticket. When finalizing your purchase, make sure that the reflected amount is the final price that you’ll pay to avoid hidden charges. Doing your own research is important if you want to save some bucks on flights.

Go incognito

When you use a regular browser, cookies may be enabled and this can cause increase flight price for a certain route you often searched. Always go for incognito or private browsing mode when searching flight online to catch the lowest prices.

Book early but not too soon

If you already had your plan, there is no point of waiting. The ideal deals are between 40-90 days before departure. Usually, flight gets costly over time so, you need to grab the chance while it is available.

Subscribe for alerts

Another way is to subscribe for online alerts from websites that informed people about good deals. These companies may often market discounted flights with few slots. You can find most of these alerts when you subscribe on their mailing list. Some of them are now using social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach many customers.

Schedule your flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

Do you have a flexible schedule? Then, consider choosing your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Airfare companies based their prices on supply and demand. When the supply is high and demand is low, airfares will be the cheapest.

Book an Airport Transfer Service

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